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FOTO®, short for "Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes", is a computerized questionnaire that we use to assess your ability to perform activities. You will be asked to complete the initial questionnaire before your first visit and then update questionnaires will be completed at various intervals throughout treatment, most likely around your fourth visit and upon discharge. It will ask you questions about your current limitations specifically related to the problem that brought you to physical therapy. Your answers will be used by the therapist to help guide and progress your treatment in addition to being used as a tool for tracking your progress throughout treatment.

Isn't this the same information I gave you on my medical history form?
We us the FOTO questionnaire as an extension to the Medical History form. It goes into more detail and provides your therapist with specifics about your limitations, pain levels, etc. For example: The Medical History Form tells us that running is a challenge for you. The FOTO questionnaire tells us that on a scale from one to ten, your running difficulty level is a seven. It can even tell us that when you started therapy, your difficulty level was seven, but now that you are halfway through therapy, your difficulty level has decreased to a three.

How does the questionnaire work?
Your answers are submitted into a large database that is used by over 1700 physical therapy clinics in the United States. Your answers are compared to other patients with the same problem and given a numerical score. A printout is generated from your responses and is printed and used as part of your patient chart. It provides the therapist with information about the improvement that can be expected between now and the next time you complete the questionnaire, or by the time you are finished with your physical therapy treatment.

Are the answers kept confidential?
All of the personal information that you enter is part of your medical record. It is kept private and protected by HIPAA, the federal Health Information Privacy Protection Act. HIPAA prevents the use of your personal health information from being viewed by any individuals or groups that are outside of this clinic. Although the data generated by the computer questionnaires may be used for research, all personal information (e.g., name, email, address, etc.) must be scrubbed from the data before it is used for research, so you will not be identified in any way.