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Sports Programs and Services

At Minnesota Sport & Spine Rehab, we understand athletes. We provide one-on-one attention and personal care to help athletes restore the highest possible level of function as safely and quickly as possible. Our clinicians are highly educated, clinically experienced and individually specialized in sports and orthopedic care.


This 15 minute service is conducted by a physical therapist and will evaluate and assist in the management of acute sports injuries. Suggestions and recommendations for injury care will be provided as well as knowledge regarding the injury. Our acute injury screens are a priority to our clinic, as we know the importance of early intervention. Call today!


This 30-minute service is conducted by a physical therapist and will evaluate flexibility, strength and movement patterns that are known risk factors for injury. Our staff will use current evidence and advanced clinical skill to identify risks and create recommendations to reduce injury risk and optimize performance.


This insurance-based service allows the athlete to undergo an evaluation and treatment plan to best care for functional limitations related to an injury. Our therapists work with coaches and trainers to best care for all athletes. The state of Minnesota allows direct access to see a physical therapist. Call our office today to speak with our team to simplify the insurance process and allow for quick access to our therapists.