“The whole staff has been extremely pleasant to work with. I work in healthcare myself and have never been as impressed with our care as I have been here.”

“Thanks for taking time to provide such great care for my mom with her low back pain. The professionalism of both the clinical and the front office staff was great. She is very pleased with her care. Keep up the great work!”

“My recovery was much faster than I expected. I am very thankful for a rehab that suited my time frame. Your office worked with me to meet my goals. I am a high school and college football official and have officiated over 20 varsity high school and college games. I could not have done it without you!!!”

“Thank you for your care to get us back in to “walking” condition. Thanks for helping us with our injuries so we were able to walk “60 miles” in such an amazing event! (Participants in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk).”

“The front desk staff has been so helpful and considerate. Never did they make me feel unimportant – quite the opposite! They knew me by name and were always very understanding.”

“Excellent receptionist. Extremely accommodating. Cindy came in on a day off to see me. I could not have asked for a better P.T. experience. Thank you!”

“Hey Cindy,
My back thanks you, my tennis game thanks you, but mostly I thank you for the help you gave me with my back. You really know what you are doing and I truly appreciate that.”

“Cindy is amazing! Thanks!”

“Thank you Jared for the one-on-one care and your support in helping me reach new goals, new ideas, and new ways to do normal duties and tasks.”

“I want to recognize Jared for encouraging me to become self-confident in my recovery from knee surgery. He is a wonderful physical therapist – great with patients and their families. He is very personable and extremely professional.”

“Jared made a real difference for me by helping me see I COULD overcome this injury without surgery. I feel I have the tools and knowledge to continue on this path and keep my shoulder healthy and pain free. Thank you!”

Thanks for your humor, flexibility and helpfulness!”

“Jill, I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you did to help me be more comfortable during my pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine getting through it without your helpful tips, exercises, SI belt, tissue massage, etc. It is so clear that you are passionate about what you do and the time you take with patients shows you care about each one of them which is, sadly, hard to find these days! Any opportunity I have I tell people of the great experience I had with Minnesota Sport & Spine!”

“Jill, I am a firm believer that we don’t thank people enough for what they do. So I wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent care and concern you have given me over the years. I have appreciated and felt so confident in your care. You have helped me feel I can grow older and still move!!”

“Jill rocks!  She is incredibly knowledgeable in women’s health. She is so supportive, patient, and adapts to individual needs. She also never short changes my time even if she is backed up. Jill is my lifeline to sanity!”

“Jill took the time to listen to me and to explain things. Not only is she friendly and helpful, this is the first time I feel like PT has worked and I feel the best I have since 2008!”

“My high school son was treated by Jill over the spring/summer. Upon successful completion of the treatment, she still conducted phone follow-ups to ensure everything was still good. She also worked us into her schedule for a consultation in an unexpected situation. We appreciate the level of service we received from Jill at MSSR!”

“Jill was so interested on a personal level about how my football season went, plans for next year, and really worked hard to find the muscle imbalance I had.  She made my trips there stress free and easy and even wants to hear about my plans for playing college football next year! I’d definitely recommend Minnesota Sport and Spine to a friend!”

Thank you so much for helping with my neck and shoulder pain. You were so fun to chat with at our sessions. Take good care of your dogs!”

Thank you for helping me during my appointment. You were always fun to visit with and I enjoyed getting to know you during warm-ups.”