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Physical Therapists

Our therapists have the experience, knowledge and skill set to help you meet your goals. We offer the finest professional team with diverse experience and interests combined with enthusiasm and compassion. You can have confidence in our ability to help you with your rehabilitation program and to get you back to doing the activities you love.

Clinical Assistants

Clinical Assistants support our Physical Therapists and ensure our clinic runs as smoothly as possible. During the course of your treatment with us our Clinical Assistants may help you with anything from scheduling your follow up appointments to administering your Keet questionnaire and working on exercises with you. Most of our clinical assistants have a degree in Exercise Science or Biology and are in the process of applying to schools for Physical Therapy.

Patient Service Specialists

Our Patient Service Specialists will provide you with excellent customer service in addition to completing a variety of “behind the scene” tasks that allow our clinicians to treat you in a timely and effective manner. Our Patient Service Specialists have three main roles in our clinic:

Front Desk
Our front desk team is responsible for answering phone calls, checking in patients, collecting copays and assisting our therapists with scheduling appointments. They review all appointments the day prior looking for issues with scheduling or insurance so that your experience in our clinic goes as smoothly as possible. If an appointment is missed, our front desk staff will call you to clear up any confusion and reschedule. They also work with our reminder call system to make sure all patients are reminded of their appointment two days in advance.

New Patient Registration
Our New Patient Registration team is here to introduce you to our clinic and get you set up for your physical therapy experience. They will work with you to get all of the necessary information and register you in our system. They can answer any questions you may have about your upcoming appointment.

Insurance Verification
Our Insurance team works with our Registration team to contact your insurance provider and get a summary of your physical therapy benefits. If you are unclear about your financial responsibility for your therapy, our Insurance team would be happy to contact you and share the information provided by your insurance company. We will also provide you with this information at check in the day of your first appointment. Please note that this is not a guarantee of your coverage. We are sharing with you the information given to us by your insurance company. Insurance companies may change coverage and your responsibility may change.

Job Opportunities

No job openings, right now. But, check back often, as we are a growing practice.